Erin Currier

New Mexico Guadalupe

Acrylic & mixed media on panel, 48"h x 36"w, Item No. 15704,

There is much fodder in which to fuel critical creative work both locally here in New Mexico and in the larger world: legitimate grievances and divisiveness in response to outrageous abuses of power.  In these dark times, however, I wanted to create an illuminating portrait based in Light: an image of resistance rooted in the counter-power of the imagination embodying not oppression but liberation; a bridge of light between peoples, languages, cultures, and geographies, that speaks to the emancipatory potential of feminine strength, grace, and solidarity. New Mexico Guadalupe, like New Mexico, represents a convergence of Europe with the Americas; of Spanish Catholicism with Indigenous traditions; of the Virgin Madonna with the Earth Mother Tonantzin; of Mexico with the USA. Guadalupe has long been at the vanguard of social movements-- from the resistance to Spanish rule, to the Mexican Revolution, to the Civil Rights movement in the US, to Zapatismo in Mexico; her image continues to be carried on banners highlighting the plights of farm workers, women, undocumented immigrants, and the continued theft of lands and rights of Indigenous peoples.

New Mexico Guadalupe is directly inspired and informed by New Mexico's unique and strong cultural traditions, lands, and people-- ie "Race and Place".  The underlying theme of all of my work has been that which I have found to be true in my travels around the world: that our commonalities as human beings far outweigh our differences. My use of "post-consumer waste" and discarded packaging, written in every language, gathered from every continent, further expresses our affinities-- in what we create, value, share, consume, and cast away. New Mexico Guadalupe is a portrait comprised of the above materials that speak to the interconnected nature of New Mexico's local triumphs and struggles with those of the larger world.