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Erin Currier

Fly Girl

Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 60"h x 48"w, Item No. 21409,


Fly Girl (Self Portrait)— is about flying Free… the joy & exhilaration & freedom one feels in the process of creating Art & of Dancing— & of just being Alive… the literal flight in airplanes into the Unknown.. the flying & breaking Free from anything with which we have chosen to bind & limit ourselves.. The pair of Hawks near the paintbrush & sharpie marker entwined in my heartstrings, are a reference to Anthony, and the Gold Swallows are a reference to the Double Time Dance Studio- where I was immersed for a year and a half in every form of partner dance. All the birds are flying away— but the Blue Bird of Happiness is flying toward me: & I’m dancing- me & my paintbrushes & sharpie marker attached to my Heart.. My own Blue Bird of Happiness that Guido tattooed on my arm is apparent… Noche is smiling at my feet.. & I am wearing my lucky boots.. 
The piece is an embodiment of my Joy - & my Love that persists & pervades always - through time & space & the human realm & realms beyond… There are messages in the ephemera, such as: “Life: It’s About to Get Juicy”, and “In the Darkness Hearts Aglow”. It is comprised of Cambodian sugar packets, an old astronomy textbook, a life cereal box, a torn juicy poster from Puerto Vallarta, a Korean air ticket, handwritten directions to Pablo Neruda's house in Chile, Crista & Jaimes’ tango schedule, a ticket to a Thai Monastery that houses the Emerald Buddha, Double Time Dance Studio punchcards, World Cup coffee bags, a ticket to the Uffizi, a Meow Wolf ticket, a Cafecito menu, an asparagus label from Greece, LA Art Show passes, sharpie marker packaging, a toilet paper wrapper from Tokyo, a music poster from São Paulo, and so many personal references through trash to the many people, places, and things, past and present, that delight and inspire...