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Chris Pappan

Transmitter 2

Pencil / graphite, gold leaf and ink on embossed Evanston municipal ledger, Image: 36"h x 18"w, framed: 41"h x 23"w, Item No. 19279,


There are so many facets of American culture that are appropriated from others: food, clothing, music etc.  Today yoga is a huge part of many peoples lives (not mine really) but for good cause, the physical and mental health benefits are certainly helping a lot of people.  In these works I thought about the term I used to hear in school: “sitting Indian style”. It was always assumed that referred Indigenous North American, but could it have been alluding to the East Indian lotus pose? I think this points to universal truths amongst humanity, that it’s just a natural way for us to sit, but it also exposes the “othering” we have been taught since a very young age.  Unlearn what you have learned; tune in, turn on and drop out.  The Deer Women are transmitting their warnings out into the universe (also attendants to Buffalo Woman) while Buffalo Woman receives messages and prayers; she seeks for us all to attain nirvana.  That flow of energy isn’t one way either, the transmitters can also be receivers, and we can all tap into and share the cosmic energy for those who need enlightenment.