Chris Pappan

Transformation 2

Pencil / graphite, ink, map collage, inkjet on ledger, Image: 15"h x 10"w, framed: 22"h x 18"w, Item No. 16746,

Collaboration with Thomas Breeze Marcus

"The figures in these works are more than transforming physically,  they are symbolic of a shift of self narratives; from one of outside influence (white male anthropological gaze) to a first voice perspective.  The modern context of these figures provides a sense of empowerment and defies the forced modesty imposed by Christian Euro-American ideals; reaffirming the humanity inherent in Native American cultures, a humanity that is still trying to be erased.  The addition of Breeze's work lends itself to ceremony or a ritual in which a visual language acts as an intermediary between: viewer and spirit, dialogue and understanding.  Objectification is not the intent of these works, but it is transformed into an indigenous narrative that speaks to truth and self reflection."

-Chris Pappan