Chris Pappan

There's No Place Like Home (GTFO)

Pencil/graphite, ink on vintage map, Image: 18"h x 30"w, framed: 26"h x 38"w, Item No. 17062,

Thinking about forced removal and how the map has been used as a tool for such aims.  The Kansa man is a reminder of the state’s namesake.  If (when?) we are forced to move yet again from tour homes, is this what it would look like? The air-conditioned FEMA trailers acting as a humanitarian gesture in the midst of genocide?  In the center is a guiding spirit, lighting the way, whether we choose exodus or resistance; benevolent or devastating, the spirit awaits the outcome.  Our people are actually purchasing ancestral homelands back from the US, so the tension between removal and repatriation are represented by the 2 sides of the image, coming and going.  

-Chris Pappan