Chris Pappan


Mixed media on Chicago Jewelers ledger, Image: 15"h x 9.5"w, framed: 21.25"h x 14"w, Item No. 17766, On Hold

The title of this work refers to both meanings of the word as both noun and adjective.  In the sense of the Sovereign as a noun or person, this reflects the Euro centric ideas that were forced upon our people.  The idea that leaders of our communities could defer to others in order to act in the best interest of that community was so alien to the people who had just come from a place with supreme rulers, who were chosen by god, and knew better, even when they didn’t.  Titles such as Prince or Princess still linger today.  Sovereign as an adjective is something many people don’t relate to the Indigenous people of this land.  We are nations with our own laws, leaders and languages