Chris Pappan

Definition 1

Graphite / pencil, map collage, acrylic on Evanston Municipal ledger dated 1925, Image: 23"h x 18"w, framed: 33.25"h x 27.25"w, Item No. 16205, On Hold

The idea behind this series is to question the viewer about what defines a Native American (or Native American art); how much information does the viewer need in order to categorize the subject as "native"; is it the context in which the work is displayed, is it the substrate or materials used, is it within the heritage of the maker of the work?  In the process of asking these questions the viewer is also (sometimes) met with a reciprocating reflection of an ancestor, maybe through the distorted lens of history, but certainly unwavering in their defiance of the colonial gaze. 

-Chris Pappan