Bryce Pettit

Invictus III

Bronze, 20.5"h x 15.5"w x 11"d, Item No. 15759,

These pieces are concept pieces in which I have left the casting sprues intact as part of the finished sculpture. They are all the same bear, but the configuration of each is different. I did some finishing work to show that they are complete, but remnants of casting ceramic and heat scale are seen on the surface, creating what I feel is almost an "artifact" quality. 

They are in part a metaphor about being cast or made in a certain way and how we break free from that structure. It is also a way to highlight the beauty in the process. With most sculpture, we work to cut away and erase the means by which the finished sculpture is made, but for me there has always been a lot of interest and beauty in the process itself. 

-Bryce Pettit