Brad Overton

Moonlight Ride

Oil on canvas, 24"h x 20"w, framed: 28.5"h x 24.5"w, Item No. 15909,

Frame carved by M. Scott Gardener

Though Brad Overton grew up in a conservative religious family, he found what he felt was his most sincere connection to the spiritual realm in the delicate beauty of the world around him.  From an early age he collected objects that were so lovely to him they became like talisman and he spent hours arranging these objects into what he later realized, were altars.  In front of these altars he spent time in peace and contemplation and learned meditation. Eventually, these objects (and many other talisman collected along the way), would make their way into his earliest exhibited still life paintings.  These holy objects-wonderfully worn toys, skateboards, bikes, religious symbols, dolls, pottery and toys arranged and painted in great detail were the foundation of Overton’s career as an artist. 

In this new series he takes the idea of altars and holy objects to a gently humorous but genuinely reverent level, painting traditional (Christian), holy objects and Pre-Colombian idols on top of toy Volkswagens.  With hand-carved and stained traditional Mexican folk-style wooden frames, each uniquely designed for the painting;  he bows to traditional retablos; Mexican (and New Mexican) devotional paintings created for ritual and worship."