Andrea Peterson

Twilight Portal (after Joseph Henry Sharp paintings titled “Council Call of Crows: Firelight and Twilight” and “Crucita, A Taos Indian Girl”)

Oil on canvas, Image: 36"h x 36"w, Item No. 17868,

"I am drawn to how Joseph Henry Sharp paints the teepees in all different lights and times of day (kind of reminding me of Monet's many paintings of "haystacks" in different lights).  And as I myself usually enjoy including a female figure in my own paintings, Sharp's portraits of Native American women also capture my attention.  

So the idea within my own painting 'in homage of" here, is the idea of a current day female, of Native American descent, reflecting on her ancestral past... as she gazes into the star-filled night sky, which can only be truly appreciated out in the vastness of nature, far away from the waste-light of crowded cities.  Somewhere in that vastness, our thoughts and dreams and meditations can seem most clear."

-Andrea Peterson