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At the age of five, Roseta Santiago remembers her father, telling her to "color inside the lines." A prophecy she would realize in Santa Fe New Mexic...
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Eileen Joyce says...

Roseta, You are amazing! honored to know you and to see your work as it is revealed to us all. Eileen and Jeff

Andi Bockhahn says...

Beautiful work as always Roseta!!

G Pedro Kinner says...

Wow your new studio must be very inspiring, I can\'t believe how much new work you\'ve completed. This is absolutely amazing, way to go Roseta

Rebecca Lawther says...

Your work is cinematographically stunning, light dramatically emphasizing your beautiful studies.

Jerry Gaddis says...

Your work just continues to amaze me


Annette von Watzdorf says...

Love your paintings - hope to own one of them in the not too distant future. They are not only beautiful but very thought provoking and touching at something deep within. Hope to see you again!

Marty Shannonhouse says...

Have loved owning \"Wish\". It brings me so much pleasure every day. So happy to have the Brenau connection with Roseta.

Sharon Kimmey says...

We met just briefly at a B&B in Zionsville, IN, at breakfast. I found you to be a fascinating person and have since discovered your art, which is equally as fascinating. I will be sure to stop in at your gallery on my next trip to Santa Fe. It would be a pleasure to run into you again.

Kathryn Huelster says...

As you know already, Rosetta, I am in awe of your painting ability. So glad to hear you are at "Best of the West" in Indianapolis. my son says you ate at his restaurant! Isn't he terrific? Please call.

Rosana Aparecida da Silva (BRASIL) says...

Suas obras de Arte são maravilhosas. Sou apaixonada pelo seu trabalho.


Pat Santiago says...

We Love It All Roseta, can't wait to see more....And of course you...



Linda Chmar says...

Roseta Santiago's paintings are stunningly beautiful, thought provoking and masterly in their technique.

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