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Night Song


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jim vogel

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Clarence says...

Awesome work! 🙂

Jane Swieter says...

Love your work Jim! Always have, always will-You are a true American treasure! Your passion and talent shows in your work. Keep it up!

Smithe325 says...

This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. agbabkkbebcdeddc

Chris Dorantes says...

Fantastic work. Love the colors and vivid lines. Saw your work at the Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe and absolutely love it. Your paintings immediately drew me to them the instant I walked into the gallery.

Tom Morgan says...

The longer I have your work the more I enjoy it. I believe this speaks to the durability of your style and your gift. This is more rare than we realize .

Smithe295 says...

Definitely, what a fantastic website and informative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.All the Best! fbffackecadafkde

Julie Higgins says...

A friend from Santa Fe recently sent me some of your images from an exhibition and I love your work! I too immediately thought of Thomas Hart Benton as well!! Hoping to see some in person in the fall. Fabulous work...Thank you.

Jo Ann Paradise says...

Your art has so much \"soul\" in the deepest sense of that word. It speaks to the human spirit and to the things that make us more human and more spiritual. Thank you.

james espinoza says...

Jim, your work is so exciting... Those powerful characters and their powerful hands WOW. Your work is truly impressive ....and those frames. they add to the beauty.
We met on set of \"Cowboys & Aliens\"
All The Best

Ginny Sipes says...

Your work touches my soul, as it always has. It is truly magnificent in the way it often portrays a slice of life unknown to most but very
familiar. And Christen\'s tin work is beautiful, and perfect in its
compliment to yours. Just as it should to S, and G, and M, and of course to you both.

jacob hurst says...

You are inspiration to me as an up and coming artist. I love your work

Megan Holloway says...

The soul of the Southwest radiates from your paintings..incredible!!!

Fred Shumate says...

In Dixon and throughout New Mexico we are fortunate to have many fine painters and artists, from many disciplines. Jim Vogel captures the magic of life and culture in NM and the Southwest, like no other! His paintings truly move me and I find myself joyful and intrigued whenever viewing, his masterful work.

Roberto José Díaz Ramírez says...

Hi Jim,

I am a mexican student and I am studying English language in Toluca city which is near to Mexico city.

Is a great honour for me to show your creation in my English practice.
I want to tell you, was a wonderfoul idea to paint about The Chili Line.
I saw a video on youtube about the Chili Line, and I felt a lot of emotion when my brain taught in these area and how people were travelling by train at this time.

Love your work.

Phyllis and Dennis Propp says...

Love, love, love Jim's art. And his wife's framing was icing on the cake. The pic's we loved were sold before we got there but will be on the lookout for new pic's in the future. Thank you for such an enjoyable show. And introduction to your gallery. We will be back.

Chuck & Judy Wright says...

Love your work. We see our local Dixenos in all of your characters. Chuck especially likes the blacksmith, you can feel the heat! Great show from both of you. I so love how the frames are a part of the image, they just work.

Richard Hanson says...

I saw your art In Southwest art Years ago, This morning I remembered your name, and found you on this web site. That's how much your art impressed me. It is great too see your art!

Shannon Hanson says...

The movement in your lines... the motion... brings everything and everyone to life Jim. Thank you.

Joy Tweedy, Wiggins,CO says...

I will always be able to spot your paintings Jim. They are so unique
and each one is special. I just love them all. Thanks for putting these up so those of us that are far away are able to view your wonderful paintings. And the frame's are one of a kind also. You do a Great job painting your own style. I enjoy each one. Wish I could hear all the stories behind them.

Marian Halliday says...

How wonderful to see the playful, maturity your work has become!
Best to you and the family....your old paper rep in Denver.

Toby Morfin says...

Jim Your work is great some of the best work out in Santa always put out a solid body of work.Keep up the good work look forward to seeing you at the show.Your the new school of good painters in New Mexico much respect god bless you and your familia.

Tom Morgan says...

Beautiful lines and great character.......very interesting presentation of the subject matter.

Phillip Briscoe says...

I love your art! I was in the gallery this weekend and I was blown away. I hope to one day have some of your beautiful artwork hanging in my house. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Liz Uhren Gunnison, Co, says...

Im always so anxious to see what youve come up with. All of your paintings make me wish i were there.

janice lewis says...

I love your paintings. They remind me a little of Thomas Hart Benton.

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